Luke meets the VanAnne Baby Cougars

7.30.09 - Luke had a playdate with the VanAnne twins, Molly (left) and Cassie (right) who were born on May 29, 1 week before him. As you can see, Luke hasn't been skipping any meals as he has quickly surpassed the twins in size. Who says that girls grow faster?? Celia & the Quirk girls, Moira and Maddy were also there. Luke was a little overwhelmed being the only boy, but I'm sure, like his daddy, he loved being surrounded by all the pretty girls!


Luke's first trip to Indiana

Friday (7/25), Angie & Luke made a visit to the Pepper office to show off cute Baby Luke. He was so cute, that Mommy got another 4 weeks of maternity leave and doesn't have to go back to work until October 5th! So myadvice is when asking for additional time off, bring in the baby - you will surely make your boss feel guilty :)
Later that day, Luke made his first trip to Indiana. He slept the whole 4+ hours there and back - not even a diaper change or feeding on the way. While in Indiana, Luke met his Great Aunts Jean & Janet, Aunt Lori & Uncle Eric, Aunt Lisa & Uncle Matt, and cousins Jonathan, Ruby, & Alex! He also cleaned house at the Schoentrup Reunion and won the award for the youngest person at the reunion and the farthest traveler! I think Luke enjoyed his first trip to Indiana because he was constantly held - which is one of his favorite pastimes!
Luke with Great Aunt Jean

Luke with Great Aunt Janet
Cousins Alex (4/19/09), Luke (6/5/09), Ruby (7/16/09), & Jonathan (11/18/05)

Luke hanging out with Pop

Luke picking greenbeans with Grandma


Finally, learning how to use blogger...

So I know I've kind been a slacker on the whole blogger thing. I'm still learning how to use it. I finally uploaded all of Luke's photo galleries to Picasa. I figured out how to add the link (There is a link to the left called Luke's Galleries) so you can see all of Luke's pictures. Everyone will probably start feeling bad for Luke since all I do is take pictures all day of him!


Luke meets Bryce and Olivia!

On Saturday, Luke met his new friends Bryce and Olivia. I think the boys are probably going to soon surpass Olivia in size though - she's cute little peanut! Nice afternoon to eat lunch outside and hang out on the deck!

Mommies & Babies

Daddies and Babies

Bryce & Luke hanging out

For more pictures, see Luke's Galleries link (http://picasaweb.google.com/angiewisker)


Luke & Haley's Pool playdate

First dip into the pool!

Brrr... This water is cold!

Laying out!

Although the pool party only lasted 5 or 10 minutes, we got some good pictures out of it! Plus, how cute are they in their swimming gear!


Luke is 1 month old!

Luke is 1 month old and is getting so big!
Looking a little cross eyes here, but it was the best one with him looking at the camera!

Pretty soon, the chair will fit!


Here come the Grunds...

Luke and Charlie had their first playdate on July 3rd.

Mommies with their baby boys...
We might have taken about 100 takes of this picture...