Long time, No see...

So it's been about a year since I've updated our blog. We figured that since we are anticipating the arrival of Peanut Wisker on 12/01/10 that it's a good time to restart the Wisker Blog! What's new with us, you ask?? Let's see, I've been pregnant so we don't do anything! For some reason, we decided not to find out the sex of this munchkin and I must admit that it's been fun trying to guess what peanut is going to be. For the 1st 8 months of the pregnancy I was pretty sure that it was a boy since I feel exactly the same and have the same cravings as I did with Luke. However, the last month or so I've been thinking that it is a girl now. Why? Well, we aren't completely set on the girl name and the heart rate has been in the 150's the last 3-4 appointments. Before that, the heart rate was always in the 130's which was similar to Luke's. We will find out in a few short days though. I am scheduled to go in for a repeat c-section on 12/1/10.

Luke will be 18 months old on 12/5/10. He is walking pretty well now (started at 16 months) and thinks everything is funny. He has a contagious laugh... I don't think he knows that he's about to become a big brother so hopefully he doesn't take after his mother and tries any stunts to gain attention... I don't need 2 kids in the hospital!