Halloween 2009

Luke loved his first Halloween. He was Mommy & Daddy's little Luke O'lantern and I don't know if I've ever seen a cuter pumpkin ;) At school, all of the infants rode the buggies in a halloween parade. Here's Luke at Chesterbrook with his classmates:
The night before we carved his first pumpkin. We actually put him inside it. It was funny because when we first put him in, you could tell he thought the pumpkin insides felt weird. But then he started giggling and laughing and seemed to like it. Such a cutie!

Halloween was a busy day for him - we went and got his picture taken at Picture People, then went to the Schupperts and then went Trick or Treating ( at just a few of the neighbor's houses!) Luke and Haley were so adorable in their costumes - it makes my heart melt!


Goebbert's Pumpkin Patch

Luke went to his first pumpkin patch at Goebbert's Farm in South Barrington. This place was packed! We met our friends the Grunds, Schupperts, & Ohs and all of our kiddos. I think Luke will like this much better next year - I think he was a little overwhelmed by how many pictures mommy wanted to take! All in all, we had a great day - picked out 5 pumpkins, had kettlecorn and warm apple cider! Plus, we got to sit in Paul Bunyon's chair!


Luke meets Mrs. Chutorash & Sweet Potatoes!

Family Photo at Clybar!

Saturday we went downtown for brunch so that Luke could meet our friend Jen Chutorash. Jen moved to Canada after she married our good friend Eric in March. Hopefully, they will move back to Chicago soon! There we got to see the Schupperts, Erin, Maureen & Michael, Jaime, and Juanita. Purdue didn't fair so well - but since we're Cubs fans I guess we're used to saying - Just wait till next year!
Luke with Jen Chutorash, Karen, & Haley

Auntie Erin & Luke show their Purdue pride!

After the game, Luke tried his first solid foods (10/10/09). He did really well and ate all of his sweet potatoes. I think he might like them because I ate them a bunch for lunch at Elephant & Castle when I was pregnant!

Only a little bit messy!


Luke's Big Week!

Well, this past week was a big week for Luke and mommy. On October 5th, Mommy went back to work and Luke started his first day at Chesterbrook Academy. He was all smiles when Mommy dropped him off, but Mommy was all in tears. It is so hard to go back to work. Nevertheless, we think he likes it. He came back from the first day and barely could stay awake! They wore him out. He stayed busy all week meeting the other babies, doing art projects, listening to stories, and going for buggy rides. His teachers are Ms. Bonnie, Ms. Erica, and Ms. Jean.

Luke @ 4 months

Luke went in for his 4 month appointment on Tuesday. He was 16 lb 12 oz (84%) and 27 inches (97%). He's growing so fast and is so long! He's already wearing 9 month clothes! He is rolling over, but not everyday - only when he feels like it :) Here he is playing with some of his new toys!

I can spell! I love my new mat!
My new jump-a-roo!