Purdue vs. Notre Dame - BOO!

We got together with the Schupperts for the Purdue vs. Notre Dame game this weekend. Unfortunately, the Boilers couldn't pull out the win this year. I have a feeling that in practice this week, some time will be devoted to "when to call a timeout." Nevertheless, Luke & Haley were cute in their Purdue gear. Luke got a new mat like Bryce's - he loves it! Check it out...


Playdate with Bryce

With less than 2 weeks left of my maternity leave, Lana and I set up another playdate for Bryce and Luke. Bryce is Luke's crystal ball - they are 5 weeks apart but seem to be the same height/weight at their wellness check-ups. Bryce is eating solid food and rolling all over the place. His basment is also set up like a Baby Disney World. Luke was so excited for all the toys and fun baby equipment at Auntie Lana's house. We tried the jumparoo but Luke really didn't catch on to it yet. Maybe in a couple of weeks.


Final Stop - Indiana!

After wrapping up our east coast travels, we headed west for 13 hours (should be 10 hours without a baby). We were able to stop off and see Neil's old co-worker, Lauren Smith, who moved back to the Pittsburgh area. We even checked out her new basement which is an homage to the Pittsburgh Steelers!

Then we continued on to Shelbyville to see Grandma and Grandpa one night before heading back to Chicago. On Monday, Aunt Lisa & Uncle Matt brought Alex over to play. They are getting so big. Alex is a roly-poly and it's crazy to see how much 7 weeks makes a difference. All said and done, we spent 35 hours in the car! Luke was such a trooper - didn't really get grouchy till the last leg.


Luke's first visit to Herndon, VA and then onto Philly!

After spending the weekend in St. Mary's, we continued on our trip another 5 hours south to Herndon, VA, where I grew up. Luke's Ni-Ni (my mom) was so excited to see how big Luke had grown. She hadn't seen him since he was 2 weeks old. Aunt Molly also got to meet Luke for the first time. It was her first time ever holding a live baby and she did great. We enjoyed a week of my mom's chinese food, shopping, seeing Arlington National Cemetary, and meeting a bunch of new people.

We met up with Allyson & her boyfriend Steve. Allyson is my oldest (as in longest) friend - we met in 1st grade! Hard to believe that was 24 years ago! After a week in VA, we travelled 3 hours north to Jenkintown, PA (just outside of Philadelphia) to visit my high school friend, Lisa. She and her husband John are expecting Baby Foertsch on October 2nd. We're excited to hear news of her arrival!


Luke's first trip to St. Mary's

Luke made his first trip to the east coast in mid September. We drove through the night on 9/10 so that we wouldn't have to stop too much for Luke. He slept all the way through - even when we changed drivers. We ended up leaving at 9pm CST and getting to St. Mary's, PA at 8am EST. Made for a very tired Mommy and Daddy, but Luke got to meet tons of people! On Saturday, everyone came over to Great Uncle Tom's for a big pork roast dinner - it was yummy! Here are some pictures (to see more check out Luke's Picasa galleries - link is to the left).

Luke with his Great Uncle Tom

Luke with Great Aunt Eleanor and Uncle Frank
Luke with my cousin Jen
Luke with my cousin Dave & Hope
Luke with my 2nd cousins Corrinne & Danielle


Purdue Tailgate & Labor Day Weekend

Boiler up!

Luke went to his first Purdue Tailgate for the Purude vs. Toledo game. Mayn of our friends from Civil/CEM were in town for the game so Luke met many people. Tim & his new wife Erin were in town from Colorado Springs as well as Heidi Schneider who now lives in Tucson, AZ. Luke also met Elliott and his son Colin. Didn't stay for the game (too long of a da for little Luke), but he did get to meet Purdue Pete while tailgating! Afterwards we drove another 2 hours south to Shelbyville to spend time with Neil's family for the holiday weekend. Cousin Jonathan & Ruby made it to the BBQ and Neil frightened Jonathan (again) with becoming a "gorilla." I'll try to upload the video soon...

Luke with Aunt Debbie - she graduates in December!

Luke is so excited that he's yawning!

Daddies and Sons...

Luke with cousins Jonathan & Ruby

Luke's 3 month Pictures...

He's a great smiler! Took him to Picture People in the mall and the pictures turned out great!


Auntie Gretchen & Christian visit Naperville!

Luke met Auntie Gretchen and Christian today! Luke was born on June 5th which is Auntie Gretchen's birthday - then Auntie Gretchen had Christian 2 days later on June 7th... Who knew that our babies would be born this close together... If you had told me this over a Long Island Iced Tea at Harry's 10 years ago, I would have told you to "Get out"! Ha, ha... It was a fun day... Auntie Juanita came from the city with Jaydan to play in the morning. Juanita's expecting a little girl on November 29th so we can't wait for that. Then we went to lunch at Hugo's Frog Bar and went for a little walk along the Naperville River Walk... Such a very nice day!

See Luke's Galleries for more pics....

Surprise Visit from Grandma Wisker

I'm Grandma's silly monkey!

Luke was pleasantly surprised with a visit from Grandma Wisker early this week. We did lots of fun things - Grilled out, made sweet corn, went to the outlets, went on a neighborhood stroll, and tried rice cereal for the first time. It was ok - I'd like to see the people on Top Chef work some magic with it :)

Grandma makes me laugh...

Mommy couldn't ffed me the rice cereal fast enough, so I took matters into my own hands!

Can you believe it's this cold on September 1???