Welcome Charles Anton Wisker

Neil and I proudly welcomed Charles Anton Wisker on December 1, 2010 at 1:26pm. He was a big but short boy - 9 lbs, 40z and 19" long. As you can see from the pictures, he also has a great head of hair - Luke is jealous (in more ways than one!). It is hard to believe that Luke and Charlie are brothers - they look like complete opposites!


Long time, No see...

So it's been about a year since I've updated our blog. We figured that since we are anticipating the arrival of Peanut Wisker on 12/01/10 that it's a good time to restart the Wisker Blog! What's new with us, you ask?? Let's see, I've been pregnant so we don't do anything! For some reason, we decided not to find out the sex of this munchkin and I must admit that it's been fun trying to guess what peanut is going to be. For the 1st 8 months of the pregnancy I was pretty sure that it was a boy since I feel exactly the same and have the same cravings as I did with Luke. However, the last month or so I've been thinking that it is a girl now. Why? Well, we aren't completely set on the girl name and the heart rate has been in the 150's the last 3-4 appointments. Before that, the heart rate was always in the 130's which was similar to Luke's. We will find out in a few short days though. I am scheduled to go in for a repeat c-section on 12/1/10.

Luke will be 18 months old on 12/5/10. He is walking pretty well now (started at 16 months) and thinks everything is funny. He has a contagious laugh... I don't think he knows that he's about to become a big brother so hopefully he doesn't take after his mother and tries any stunts to gain attention... I don't need 2 kids in the hospital!


1st Thanksgiving at the Whaley's in Brook, Indiana

Luke celebrated his first Thanksgiving with the Whaley's in Brook, Indiana this year. It was a busy Thanksgiving with 3 new babies this year - Luke, cousin Ruby Snyder, and Jake Whaley. See them with their proud papas...

Here are some more fun pictures from that day:

After the big feast in Brook, we headed down to Shelbyville for the remainder of the weekend. Luke had lots of fun and giggles with Grandma, Grandpa, and Aunt Debbie. Cousin Alex also came over one day to play and cousins Jonathan & Ruby came over for a sleepover! Luke also took a daytrip to Indianapolis to visit Steven Mottl who came all the way from Tucson, AZ for Thanksgiving with his grandparents. It was a great weekend!


Luke's 1st Oaken Bucket & meeting Lucy May!

The Wiskers headed into the city to catch the Purdue/IU game on 11/21/09 with the Mays and the Schupperts. Fortunately for Luke, he has not seen the Boilers lose to those dreaded Hoosiers EVER! Purdue won the game 38-21 and the Oaken Bucket is in the right hands. The day was even better because he finally got to meet Ms. Lucy May! I think that Lucy must have an eye on Luke, or rather a hand on the thigh!


Luke turns 5 months!

It's hard to believe that Luke is now 5 months old! I was updating his baby book the other day and realized how much bigger he is now. He is weighing in at 18 lb 8 oz and looks to be 27 1/2 inches long.

This was a big month for Luke. He started eating baby food. He has tried sweet potatoes, carrots, green beans, squash, and peas for vegtables. As for fruits, he has tried apples, pears, peaches, and bananas. He has been eating them all pretty well - but if I had to guess I think his favorites are peaches, pears, and green beans. I also think he went through a growth spurt at about 4 1/2 months. He started waking up at 1am and was feverishly hungry so we solved that problem by giving him more food during the day, which seems to be doing the trick. His daily eating habits are: 6am = 6 oz breastmilk, 9am = 5 oz breastmilk, 12pm = 1 container of baby food (vegetable) + 2 tablespoons of oatmeal + 1/2 scoop of formula, 4 oz breastmilk, 3pm = 6 oz bottle, 6:30pm = 1 container of baby food (fruit) + 2 tablespoons of oatmeal + 1/2 scoop of formula, 8-8:30pm = 5-6 oz breastmilk.

Luke is also doing very well at Chesterbrook Academy. His teachers tell us everyday that he is just such a smiley baby and he loves observing the other kids in his class. They do alot of fingerpainting and texture activities. He also seems to be laughing alot now - especially at how silly momyy and daddy are! He has learned to roll over both ways - but doesn't really like to do it. It seems like he rolls over maybe once every 1.5-2 days.

Unfortunately, this week Luke was diagnosed with pink eye on 11/4. He had to stay on eyedrops for 24 hours before returning to school, so mommy got to take Thursday off and spend time with Luke. The pink eye seemed much better after even just a day and we finished taking the drops on Monday, 11/9.

This chair doesn't seem so big anymore!


Halloween 2009

Luke loved his first Halloween. He was Mommy & Daddy's little Luke O'lantern and I don't know if I've ever seen a cuter pumpkin ;) At school, all of the infants rode the buggies in a halloween parade. Here's Luke at Chesterbrook with his classmates:
The night before we carved his first pumpkin. We actually put him inside it. It was funny because when we first put him in, you could tell he thought the pumpkin insides felt weird. But then he started giggling and laughing and seemed to like it. Such a cutie!

Halloween was a busy day for him - we went and got his picture taken at Picture People, then went to the Schupperts and then went Trick or Treating ( at just a few of the neighbor's houses!) Luke and Haley were so adorable in their costumes - it makes my heart melt!


Goebbert's Pumpkin Patch

Luke went to his first pumpkin patch at Goebbert's Farm in South Barrington. This place was packed! We met our friends the Grunds, Schupperts, & Ohs and all of our kiddos. I think Luke will like this much better next year - I think he was a little overwhelmed by how many pictures mommy wanted to take! All in all, we had a great day - picked out 5 pumpkins, had kettlecorn and warm apple cider! Plus, we got to sit in Paul Bunyon's chair!