Halloween 2009

Luke loved his first Halloween. He was Mommy & Daddy's little Luke O'lantern and I don't know if I've ever seen a cuter pumpkin ;) At school, all of the infants rode the buggies in a halloween parade. Here's Luke at Chesterbrook with his classmates:
The night before we carved his first pumpkin. We actually put him inside it. It was funny because when we first put him in, you could tell he thought the pumpkin insides felt weird. But then he started giggling and laughing and seemed to like it. Such a cutie!

Halloween was a busy day for him - we went and got his picture taken at Picture People, then went to the Schupperts and then went Trick or Treating ( at just a few of the neighbor's houses!) Luke and Haley were so adorable in their costumes - it makes my heart melt!

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